"Hard, Fast and Beautiful"

I adore you, he said,
pushing away that same lock of hair from my eyes
and in the moment I hesitated without cause
realizing, everything he means to me:
A kiss on the tip of the nose
a single strand of hair on our mouths as they meet;
racing down the highway at midnight
arching my back against the seat and trembling with joy.
You are beautiful, he said, examining my face until I turned away,
knowing that through my smile I am unbalanced and falling.
I close my eyes and hold on tight
clutching his hand as we swing up through the sky
laughing and flying through the wet, twinkling blackness
the blood rushing to my head
I am dizzy and drunk
and spinning and falling.
I loved you like a morphine drip, I said,
whispering into his ear as he slept.
You were the reason for waking
a dream, a touch, a thought
a tornado of breathing
a hail storm of remembering
a hurricane of drift
A heated rush of intensity
caught in near suspension
Saving me and soothing
Moving me through

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