My writing voice sounds like texts from a 13-year-old girl

I'm pretty sure I'm going to crash and burn on this blogging challenge any day now, but I'm trying to make it at last at least a week.

Today's BlogHer writing prompt asks "how is your writing voice like you?"    That's a tough one because I think I have several writing voices.

There's my journalism voice (which itself is sub-divided depending on the subject) and my fiction voice and my poetry voice and, of course, my blogging voice.

I think if there's any one defining characteristic that they all share, it's got to be total neurosis. Sometimes there's also anger and snark and annoyance and crazy-making self-doubt and anxiety. Or maybe all that just adds up to neurosis. Certainly, I've had people (newspaper readers, mostly) complain about my "voice": It's too bitchy, too self-involved, too whatever.

One of my favorite bits of feedback came via what was likely just Facebook spam via an email from someone complaining that I'm too "wo is me":

“Are you a lesbian? You’re so wo is me. It’s a turn-off. People don’t like that.”

Um, OK But, whatever. I mean, maybe I guess on the 'woe/wo/whoa" part. 

Mostly I strive for honesty, but my honest voice is, admittedly, one that is narcissistic, peevish, fickle, bitchy and immature.

I've been criticized for writing like a teenage girl writing in her diary. Guilty as charged.

Actually, I think my writing voice sounds more like texts from a 13-year-old girl. Or, to be more accurate, my writing voice sounds like this video for Beyonce's "Drunk in Love," in which the song's lyrics are depicted entirely via emojis.

Yeah, that's pretty much me right there.



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