Warning, grumping ahead

So, I made this promise to myself that I'd blog every day in March--as part of BlogHer's NaBloPo March challenge. It's all part of my personal social media reboot - a reboot that actually means less time on Facebook and more time tweeting and blogging.

Anyhoo, I thought it would easy thanks to the prompts provided--but then I logged on today and realized there were no weekend challenges (I mean, so obviously I wasn't doing the prompts everyday since I just noticed this, but whatever).

My first reaction? Literally, it was: God damnit--do you mean I blogged yesterday and I didn't have to? Because god help me that I do something that's not required.

It's been such a long weekend filled with SN&R work and taxes and various other commitments, so if this means I can just finally kick back and watch some trashy TV (hello, Lindsay Lohan 'docu-series') well then, hell, pour me a drink and let's call it a day.

And then my inner guilt tripper kicked in and I reminded myself that this isn't just about official writing prompts, it's about me reconnecting with something that I used to love to do. Something that, in the last few years, I've been pushed away from thanks to an increase in commitments to everything else.

So there you go, I'm exhausted and grumpy but I blogged, thank you very much. I never said it would be pretty.

And, hey, there's still time for Lindsay and that drink (and yes I see the irony in that connection).



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