Your Saturday afternoon jams

Cory and I had a pretty chill Saturday afternoon--well once we got done talking to the tax woman (and not about poetry, unfortunately). After that though, it was all nice. There was sunshine and lunch and record shopping and driving around in the car listening to oldies, including The Coasters' "Poison Ivy," which turns out to be a favorite of Cory's.

I remarked it must be the only song in the history of songs that references calamine lotion and Cory, as he is wont to do when it comes to all things musical, quickly corrected me.

"Lou Reed sang about it," he said. "I got my calamine lotion, baby, do it again -- I got a foggy notion baby, do it again."

Yep, Velvet Underground's "Foggy Notion."

The more you know people, the more you know.


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