The big (and little) reveals

One of this month's writing prompts asks the question "Do you feel like you reveal too much of yourself on your blog? Do you think you hold back too much?"

That's a tricky one. I do reveal quite a bit of myself on my blog--I've done so in some of my professional writing, too. Do I hold back too much?

I don't know; define "too much."

Obviously--at least I hope it's obvious--that I don't share everything. Some actions, memories, thoughts and desires belong only to me and the people with whom I share them. There are some out there who reveal so much more. And they do it with such skill and beauty and anger and wisdom and humor--I know I'll never come close to that kind of writing.

But, still, I strive for honesty. I know that honesty, much like memory, is subjective but I aim to make the slice of my life that I share be as true as possible--not something painted prettier (or, conversely, grittier) than it actually is or was.

Sometimes that honesty makes total strangers think they know me. I've received emails, phone calls and letters (sometimes from jail) from people who claim insight into my mind in a way that I find startling and intrusive. People--it's been both men and women--who say they know what I think/feel/do and they know what I should think/feel/do in the future. Mostly this applies to my professional writing but occasionally those who read the blog lay these claims, too.

But, really, that's OK. It's gratifying when someone simply says they liked what I wrote--that they felt kinship or it made them laugh/angry/mad/sad/happy/whatever. When they say they're glad that they read it. That I wrote it.

When that happens then all the other stuff--the emails, the phone calls, the letters from jail--that's just becomes the whatever-shit-happens other side of the coin.

Good and the bad, yin and yang and all that.





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