Throwback Thursday, '90s Sacramento pop edition

Been browsing through SN&R archives recently and came across this, my very first story published in the paper.

It was February 1994 and I was in my second-to-last semester at Sac State. It was spring and I was interning at SN&R back when their offices were on 21st and V streets.

I spent many an afternoon there in this tiny, no-window dungeon of a room doing filing and other mundane tasks.

You know, the usual intern routine.

But I also got to leave the room and go out and do fun things like go to shows and interview bands.

I'd written about local music before for The Hornet and also for this makeshift "alternative" campus paper that I edited called The Missing Link. I probably have copies of that somewhere. I'd probably be embarrassed to see it now. But anyway, point is I'd already written about bands like Cake and Papa's Culture and Moist and Phallucy (I'll have to write about that interview sometime because it really shaped who I am as a reporter in many ways) and now I was excited to write about local music for a paper with a much bigger circulation.

I'd seen Daisy Spot play somewhere (I don't think it was the Cattle Club, I remember it being a smaller, more intimate venue) and pitched the story to my editor. He agreed and I got in touch with the band. I'm not sure how I did this in the pre-Facebook era. Probably Jerry Perry helped me or something. Back then Jerry Perry was always helping me out.

Anyway, the interview took place at Tatiana's downtown apartment--I think she lived there with her parents at the time. She and Mike were really nice and patient with what were probably my very amateur questions.

Seeing that story in print with my byline a few weeks later was the highlight of my baby writing career at that point. Twenty years later it still remains a highlight. I found such joy in going to shows, hearing awesome music and then getting to write about it.

I don't write as much about music these days, at least not as much as I'd like to. I certainly don't get out to as many shows, not for a lack of wanting though. To this day there are still not many things that make me much happier than hearing awesome music and then getting to write about it.




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