2015, the year in which I vow to call bullshit on myself

So 2014 is done and buried and everyone's talking resolutions but, frankly, I'm over that notion.

Not that I don't believe in self-improvement--I do, oh do I--but I'd rather frame the quest for such as the pursuit of goals, not vague promises.

Of course I have tons of goals this year; one of the biggest, perhaps, is my intent to cut back on my use of the word "sorry."

This is not to say I will not apologize when it is appropriate for me to make amends, but rather that I'll stop using the word when it is absolutely stupid and self-defeating for it to come out of my mouth.

Lately I've heard myself saying that word way too much in various situations--often of the work variety. Someone falls short on a commitment, misses a deadline or otherwise absolutely flakes on an agreement and suddenly I'm saying something like "I'm sorry, but I really need this done."

Just reading that drives home how infuriating it is (to myself) that I'd ever say utter such a phrase. It's so absolutely self-defeating and counter-intuitive. 

I know why I do it of course--to make myself seem like less of a bitch as I try to get someone else to follow through on their job. Well, 2015 is officially the year in which I call bullshit on myself for saying such things.

2015 is the year in which I vow to no longer care if you think I'm too bitchy or bossy when in reality I'm just doing my job--or asking you to do yours correctly.

Sorry not sorry? No, just plain not sorry at all.


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