Goodbye, Edith Piaf

You came down in late afternoon, bearing coffee and bags of sweets
That before your knock, I would have found unbearable

Edith Piaf played through the speakers like through a tin can

Predictable for a rainy day but because the first drop remained

We agreed: Perfection

In your face I saw the quietest of grief.
Soft and waiting.
But, also, joy.

Democratic chairman John Burton turns Daily Show star

John Burton had never watched The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, didn’t really care about its host and sure as hell didn’t know who this John Oliver fellow was.

But when producers for the show called and asked if he’d be willing to be interviewed by Oliver, Burton agreed.

Friday Night Lights

With just a few minutes left in the game, Grant High School football stars Devontae Butler and Glenn Deary—best friends since childhood—watched the action from the bench, happy, relaxed even as nearby cheerleaders snapped pom-poms and fans, ready to escape the frosty 53-degree temperature, started to drift toward the exits.

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"Hard, Fast and Beautiful"

I adore you, he said,
pushing away that same lock of hair from my eyes
and in the moment I hesitated without cause
realizing, everything he means to me:
A kiss on the tip of the nose
a single strand of hair on our mouths as they meet;
racing down the highway at midnight
arching my back against the seat and trembling with joy.

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